Boxes For Honour Crosses

  The German Honour cross was delivered in a paper envelope and

   wrapped in silk paper. But there was an option for each receiver to buy a box for their cross.

   Theese boxes was sold by private jewellers and was not issued officially.

    The boxes was made in at least three colours, where red is the most common.

     Today theese boxes are sought for by collectors and are much more expensive then the crosses   

     inside them.

Probably the hardest to find , turtle colour.

Turtle box

Inside of the above box with widow cross


Turtle box

Construction of Box , watch out there is many copies on the market. This is how it should look.
Inlay up side down

Turtle box

With inlay for cross

Advertisement for boxes

Here is a advertisement for boxes 

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Intarsia från Stockholm 1938

originalrepik av Ewald Dahlskog

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Mycket informativ. Jag har bl.a ett par Vikingklockor och en har norsk text i boetten. Spännande att läsa lite historik

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MVH Christer

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