Award cert for Combat Honour Cross (Frontkämpfer)

Din rubrik



 Papers concerning Honour crosses. Award cert and other documents. The earliest I have is from 27th October 1934.



Kaufmann Josef Teuber in Bochum 9 December 1934.

Issued to Oberpostschaffner Max Müller 28 May 1935 in Dresden

Another one from Dresden, here to Ingeniur Martin Gärtner , 24 January 1935

Here is a award cert from Lübeck to Dachdecker Walter Dörwaldt, issued 18 January 1935

A cert from Villingen a small town near the Switzerland border. Issued to Schlosser Franz Emter- It has a low number E 93/35 (probably not many awardees from Villingen ?) Issued 16 February 1935.

In January 25th 1935 got Tapezierer Paul König his award cert.
It was issued in Witzenhausen. 

A Hannover Hero

Gastwirt Wilhelm Hulke in Hannover was early out with his application because already 27 October 1934 the award cert was signed by the Polizeipresident i Hannover. Willhelm Hulke was in Res Feld Art Regt 19 during the Great War.
and he got the EK II in May 1917 as an Gefreiter.
And later in June 1917 he got KVK from Braunschweig.

Outside Germany

Of course borders change from 1918 to 1934 when the Ehrenkreuz was instituted.

Here is an interesting example of that .

Bäcker Hans Barack Roagger in Apenrade was given this certificate by the German konsul. in June 13th 1936

And why was that ? The answer Apenrade is a town in Schleswig Holstein and after voting in 1920 when about 75% of the population wanted to belong to Denmark the area was Danish. Although the citizens in Apenrade was very close to Germany  here 55,1 % voted for Germany.

So in 1936 Hans Barack Roagger was living in a Danish town!!

Most Rare Certificate of all

Here is probably the most rare document for a Frontkämpfer Ehrenkreuz I have ever seen.

Awarded to Mrs Martha Brandes born Stüven in Freiburg

She also got Prussian Red Cross Medals 2nd and 3rd class
She worked as a nurse in German East Africa during WW 1.

This is the only Doc to a woman for Frontkämpfer I ever seen or heard of...

Many Thanks to Karsten for letting me use the pic.

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Intarsia från Stockholm 1938

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