Application forms

 Application Forms

 Theese should be hardest to find, since when you got the award and the award certificate this paper would either been thrown away or stored in a archive perhaps. Where it probably have been destroyed during or after the second world war.

 Some paper did survive and here is a few examples.

Here is an unissued app form for the Black Cross, The Cross for Witwen und Eltern (Widows and parents)


Here is the application form for Frontkämpfer and Kriegteilnehmer.

The man who applied for a "Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer" was Hermann Schramm a Bank Clerk in Altona, Hamburg

He was in the German Navy Artillery unit from 1912-1918

I Matr Art Abt 

 and fought in Flandern.


Another application form for a fighter.

This time its for 

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