Honour Cross to Non Germans

Honour Cross to non Germans

Honour Cross to Non Germans

  Beside Native Germans some other nationalites got the Honour cross.

  Among them Finnish, Austrian (before 1938) Swedish and probably some more.

 Here is some of the Swedish soldiers who got the EhrenKreuz.

 1. Reinhold von Essen , Lt Imperial German Army 1914-18  Fought in Western and Eastern front,Gallipoli.

  EK I , EK II, SEHO 2, VerwAbz   Schwarz, Honor Cross.

 2. Joseph Pousette ,  Capt in Braunschweig Inf Rgt 92 fought on East and West front. English POW, EK I, EK II , Honour Cross.

 3. Sven Wilhelm Sonesson , EK II , Honour Cross

 4.   Erik    Edvard Reichenberg,  Lt in Fusilier Rgt 34 1918-19, EK II , Honour Cross

  5. Carl Mauritz Belfrage, Lt Inf Rgt 162Capt Inf Rgt 76.  EK II-10 Nov 1915Ek I-28 Sept 1916, OldFAO 2 - 6 Dec 1916, OldFAO 1- 6 Dec 1916, Lübeck HC 1 Apr 1918, Hamburg HC 1 Apr 1918. Honour Cross, fought on Western front.

 6. Nils Ivar Rosén , Ek I , EK II , Honour Cross
 7. Erik Hellemarck , 

Ek  I Ek II, Honour Cross

 8.  GenMaj Carl A Ehrensvärd ,  

Carl Mauritz Belfrage probably okt-nov 1916


Honour Cross to Finnish Soldiers

      Some Finnish soldiers fought with German regiments during WW1 , most in Jaeger Btl 27 but also in other

      regiments. Here are some ribbon bars to Finnish participants in WW1. 

 Here a Liberty Cross 2nd class 1941  -Liberty Cross 3rd class 1939 - Liberty Cross 4th class 1918

 Order of the White Rose Commander - Order of The White Rose Knight

 Medal for Freedom war 1918 - Medal Winter war 1940 - Medal Tammerfors 1918

 Honour Cross - German Eagle Order

 Probably a fighter from 27 Jaeger that participated in Finnish war 1918, fought at Tammerfors 1918 and again

 in uniform during Winterwar 1939-40, and most probably is some sort of Staff durning WW2. (I´m only guessing the year of the Liberty Crosses because there is no way to see years on a ribbon band). I belive this ribbon belonged to a Colonel 194-1944 who made it up to GenMaj or GenLt later.

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