Fighting at Verdun 1916

 In summer 1916 had one of the bloodiest battles of First World War started at Verdun, France . On of the soldiers that was participating was Gefreiter Hans Ellner born Jan 25th 1896.  He belonged to the Bavarian 10th Infantery Regiment and had joined the army in October 1915.

In July 1916 he fought with the regiment in Verdun and during the whole war he was at the western front
he was awarded the Iron Cross II class and in september 1917 got the Bavarian Military Cross III class with swords.

EK2 , Doc for his BMVK3bx and Medal bar with EK2, BMVK3bx and HEK. and a orginal box for BMVK3bx
Martin Oswald
Here is another Bavarian fighter, born in Alling 27th March 1892. Martin Oswald joined the army in Oct 24th 1912, and later was Kanonier at 11 Batterie III Battl 1 Bayr Fussart Regiment. He didnt get any bravery awards during his time in the war but get his
 DA III for 9 years of service in May 15th 1918. Later in the year, October 21th short before the end of the war he was promoted to Obergefreiter.
His document for the DA III and the medal.
Andreas Werner
Andreas Werner , born in September 1893 and just 21 when to war broke out was serving as Kanonier at 8th Bayr Feld Art Regt . 

Andreas was wounded in august 1916 and spent one month in hospital until september .
In september 1917 he got the BMVK3bx and 17th april 1918 he got the EK2. June 9th 1918 he got the Verwundeten Abzeichen in black for 1 wound and december 11th he got the DA3 for nine years of service.

Sanitäts Sgt Heinrich Wunner
  Heinrich Wunner was born in Naila , Bavaria 1st December 1890. Twenty years of age he joined the army in 1910 and then in Inf Rgt 7, after two years he was promoted to gefreiter. He was one of the early soldiers in Aug 1914 and was attached to Feld Lazarett 49. He stays on the Western Front and became promoted to Uoffz 21th Aug 1914.
September 1916 he get the EK II probably during the Battle of Somme. The cross in the group is a real silver one marked CD800. In Nov 1917 he get the Bavarian MVK III x mKr both the award and the cert is in this group.
In March 1918 he was promoted to Sanitäts Sergeant and in May 1918 he get the the DA III for 9 years of service .
Heinrich survives the war and get out of Army in dec 1918-
Heinrich militärpass
Bavarian MVK III x mKr
The award cert for MVK III x mKr 
Award cert from 1917
Bavarian Military Merit Cross 3rd Class w Crown
The Award with its box .
EK II silver frame maker CD
Here is the EK II , a real beuty made in 800 silver 
Wunners awards in 1918
Most probably he would have added a Ehrenkreuz to his bar in 1934/35 but here its from 1918-1920s 

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