Honour Cross for wearing

Honour Cross Singels

Here is a cross for non combatants , typical with some extra cloth behind the medal.

Here I will present pictures on Honour cross mounted as singles , a lot of soldiers didn´t get any awards at all so the Honour Cross from 1934/35 was their chance to show people that they had been in the war, and I´m sure many wore this brown small cross with pride.

Single for Fighter

And here is one for a fighter .also in the most common mounting type 

Fighter Cross

Here is a little bit better made one , red cloth on back and maker RV 9 Pforzheim on the Cross.

Fighter Cross

maker on the cross is Erbe .

And one more fighter Cross , thin zink plate with black cloth on the back

Non Fighter


This is th show you that the bar makers often used old stuff to make the new ones 🙂 Here we have a non fighter Cross and under the ribbon is a Sachsen Albert Order ribbon the make it thicker . Backside is Red and maker is W & L

non fighter

maker of the Cross O14 

Another Non Fighter , this one with no extra cloth , just a zink back plate and the regular ribbon , backside green cloth and a real sturdy needle.

Pre 1915 style

This big quite clumsy bar have red backing , often if you see older bars they have no backing cloth, just thread to fix the ribbon.

Here is a not so popular style of mounting, often seen before 1915.

Home made bar

And another version on the same style , probably home-made with a neddle on the backside , non fighter cross maker B.H.L

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